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Established in 1989

Jiangsu Jinluo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, which is known as the Phoenix City. Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of polymer hose and thermoplastic composite reinforced hose.


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We will release the information of our company and related industries, so that all customers can quickly and timely understand the new, valuable and most concerned information of our company and industry. Let you know us better so that we can cooperate better.

  • Characteristics of polyurethane lining fire hose

    Characteristics of polyurethane lining fi...

    many people like to use polyurethane lined fire hoses: 1. Polyurethane has good characteristics of high pressure resistance and cold resistance. It can not only be applied to the continuous high te...

  • How to use fire hose correctly?

    How to use fire hose correctly?

    How can the fire hose be used to extinguish the fire quickly?Today, the manufacturer of fire hose is going to tell you about the specific use details. There are 12 steps for the main details, whic...

  • National standard for fire hose

    National standard for fire hose

    No.23 notice of 2011 issued by the National Standardization Administration approved the release of gb6246-2011 “fire hose”, which is a compulsory national standard and will be implemen...

  • How to divide fire hose model

    How to divide fire hose model

    How to divide fire hose model? Fire hose plays an important role in fire fighting. How to classify the type of fire hose?Fire hose manufacturers today to give you a point: 1, fire hose according t...

Layflat Hose

Polyurethane Layflat Hose
  • Advantage

    Will Not Harden Or Become Brittle In Cold Environment.

  • Application

    Widely Used In Petroleum, Chemical Industry, Shipping, Agriculture.

  • Advantage

    Wear-Resistant, Acid And Alkali Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant And Aging Resistant.

  • Advantage

    Easy To Connect And Retract.

  • Application

    Widely Used In Water Conservancy, Mine Rescue, Fire Fighting And Other Fields.

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